My recent experience with E-cigs and quitting smoking!

My life has been crazy lately. It’s been pretty hard to focus on art because of school and all that jazz. I like to think that all my efforts are leading me somewhere, but who knows? The great thing is I’ve found out some new passions and some new interests lately.  The main thing is, I’ve quit smoking. I’ll tell you all about that. (Update: I give a more detailed review here!)

I haven’t exactly quit nicotine fully, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. When I got up to half a pack a day last year, my mom was hounding me and my girlfriend was really trying to get me to quit. Nicotine addiction isn’t that easy I’m afraid…So my friend Joshy had started smoking ecigs and suggested I try. I knew about the Blu, having seen them on TV, but my friend assured me he had something much better than that. He had picked up basically a portable vaporizer of sorts, and it was much bigger than the Blu.

I tried his and it was great. He referred me to a site called Ippuku, who sells some really classy high-end electronic cigarettes. I ended up ordering this particular model of ecig, and I couldn’t be more happy. The tank gets filled with nicotine liquid and I ended up buying the flavors White Cherry Crush and Best Damn Tobacco for the classic cigarette taste. This thing makes vapor, not smoke…that’s the cool part. Apparently their flavors are all organic and all natural or something. I haven’t had a cigarette in WEEKS. This thing makes it so easy to quit, and even though I’m still smoking, it’s not really smoke its vapor. PRETTY COOL THOUGH, HUH?

Yeah so that’s one thing I’m pretty proud of lately. I’ve been going to the lake a lot and wakeboarding with my boss (lol). He’s a pretty cool guy and he rips pretty hard.  School will be done with in only one more semester, and I couldn’t be more ready to get out and make some dough afterwards. I’m thinking about starting my own lawn care business..I heard the startup costs are fairly minimal, and it’s fully scalable and the revenue has the potential to be enormous, especially around here. Well anyways, I got to go, I’m gonna list some other awesome stuff I’ve been up to later. Stay tuned, and I love you guys!

Johnny R.